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Tri-Art Mfg.

Tri-Art Mediums - Top Coat Hard Matte

Tri-Art Mediums - Top Coat Hard Matte

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Top Coat Hard is a 100% pure acrylic dispersion suitable as a finishing layer on hard substrates, sculpture and crafts. This very hard, washable, scratch resistant finish is intended for use on rigid surfaces.

Not recommended for flexible, pre-gessoed surfaces or substrates. Use on low quality canvas and substrates could cause uneven shrinkage, warping or even snapping of stretcher bars.

Top Coat Hard is self-leveling and can be brushed, poured, or sprayed to produce a thin protective finish. Remains semi-flexible even in multiple layers. To produce thick coats and maintain maximum clarity, apply in thin layers allowing a curing time of 12 to 24 hours between coats. Stir prior to use.

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