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January 2023

We are excited to be a sponsor of the
Pi Art-squared show again this year.

We've all heard about the traditional square foot shows, but no one can put artists in a box! The Artist needs to take materials and transform them, create their own worlds and realities, and now you can do that, in the ROUND.

Pi r-squared (π r 2) is the formula for the area of a circle of radius r. The lowercase Greek letter pi (written π ) stands for the ratio of circumference to diameter, which is the same for all circles because they all have the same shape. I just love the symmetry of that and, with that, I invite you to submit to this fine art show which we expect will consist of over 100 piece of original fine art in the Art Alchemy East Pi ART-squared (π r 2) Exhibition!

This year’s show will be during Pi ART Squared Day (3.14 or March 14th)!

Exhibition: March 11 – 20, 2022

Opening Night: Saturday March 12, 2022, 7-9pm (hopefully in person but, if not, we will do a live Instagram opening)