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Round Floater Panels

Round Floater Panels

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Ultra smooth archival quality round floater panels. Constructed out of 3/4" Canadian Maple plywood. Keyhole on the back for flush hanging. Routered edge gives the illusion of a float frame surrounding the panel.

Sizes listed are indicative of paint surface size - e.g.  a 12" round float panel has a 12" diameter paint surface, plus 1/4" routered gap, and 1/2" frame around the outside for a total diameter of 13.5"

Panel surface is paint grade. Stain grade is available upon request.

Shipping note: Once we have received your order, we will contact you with the shipping cost. Once approved, you will be charged for shipping and your order will be fulfilled. If you chose not to proceed, your order will be refunded. Our flat rate shipping charges range between $20 to $95 depending on size.

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