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This versatile frame design allows artists to buy one frame, and use it for 5 different sizes of canvas/panels. Designed and finished in house, these frames are cut out of 1.5" MDF and available in black and white paint finishes.

Currently offering two size options: 4 x 4" and 12 x 12" 

Total outside dimensions of the frames are 10 x 10" & 18" x 18" respectively

How to use:

- The 4 x 4" option allows for both standard depth (3/4") and uncradled panels (1/4") to be mounted from the back for a traditional look

- For a floating look, 6 x 6" or 8 x 8" uncradled panels or canvas board can be top mounted using the center square as the base. Panels can be affixed using velcro strips, double-sided tape, or construction adhesive for a more permanent mount.

- A gallery depth canvas or cradled panel 8 x 8" can also be put over top the center square and attached like a regular floating frame (drilled through the back)

For the larger 12 x 12" size you can back mount a 12 x 12" standard depth canvas or uncradled panel, and top mount a 14 x 14" or 16 x 16" panel/canvas board, and also a gallery depth 16 x 16" canvas or cradled panel

Please see the link for a full instructional video:

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